Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Running Fool

I used to think anyone who enjoyed running was a crazy fool. Why would anyone want to engage in such a monotonous sport that was so hard on your knees and feet and was basically torture?  Besides, I am flat-footed with shorter than average Achilles's tendons.  My body isn't 100% suited for running - or at least that is my cop-out for saying I am really an exercise wuss.

Then my SIL talked me into preparing to run a 5K with her.  I thought - why not?  I could add it to my "bucket list" of 2011.

I reluctantly started to run.  (Or I should say slog.)  Sometimes I hated it.  Occasionally I found it enjoyable.  More often than not I tolerated it  I was never ever able to make the whole 5K distance without walking. 

Me AFTER my first race. I am one HOT specimen of health, don't you think?
And then the day of the 5K arrived.  I thought of every excuse of how I could get out of it, especially since it meant I had to get up at 5:00 a.m.  But I went and RAN all 3.6 miles of my first race without stopping once.  The sense of accomplishment along with the adrenaline rush of running with others in a race has become addicting.

So I am adding "jogging" to my list of interests as I prepare for my next 5K.  I love when we sometimes surprise ourselves in life!

Thanks, Vickdid.  You are the sister I never had and I will either sing your praises or curse you as I continue to pound the pavement with my double stroller and beagle in tow.  Let's meet up in 2012 at some exotic location so we can run a 10K and then party it up with just us girls.

Vicki and I before the race. 


WV Earls said...

So glad you ran that race with me. It really meant a lot to me that you were there. Even if you come in last place in a race, you are still ahead of EVERYONE who didn't run it at all. Congrats. Glad we have another common interest.

WV Earls said...

Didn't mean to make it seem in my last comment like you actually came in last place. You were far from last, just meant that IF you were you would still be ahead!!

Kristi Smemoe said...

Hey - I was probably last place in the race but I don't care. I did it and that is more important to me than my time or my place.

Anonymous said...

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