Monday, January 31, 2011

On a lighter note

Streaming Netflix through my new birthday present has become a guilty pleasure for me the nights Lance works late.  I get to watch movies like this without Lance here to tell me that:
A.  The movie was something only teenagers would enjoy; or
B. The Rotten Tomatoes rating was -20% ; or
C.  It was the worst movie ever made.

Lance walked in the midst of this newest Miley Cyrus movie to see this:

Our conversation went something like this:

Lance:  What are you watching?
Kristi:  "The Last Song"
Lance (with the most serious look on his face):  Wow.  I looked just like that in high school.
Lance and Kristi:  ***Both completely silent for about 20 seconds
Lance and Kristi:  ****Both burst out laughing simultaneously

I will let you determine why we were laughing.  (And still are, for that matter.)


Kara said...
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Lisa said...

Lol. You guys are hilarious. =)

Kathy said...

Hear hear! I like that I can watch silly chick flicks and not feel like I paid money for them :)

Amber said...

you two are so funny! I love his sarcasm, oh wait, honesty.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, you two are so funny. Miss you guys!


Anonymous said...

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